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May 29 2018

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Take Extra Care with Extended Wear Contacts

People who use traditional contact lenses that are changed daily rarely forget to switch out lenses. Most take them out when going to bed and dispose of them. They only have to open their eyes in the morning to realize they need to put in new contacts. The vast majority of daily contact lens wearers order refills via the internet because they get it cheaper online.

Daily lenses are also available in designs that may or may not have any corrective properties. Dragon eyes, different colors, and unique designs are used for theatrical performances, school plays, and special effects for television and film productions. They can also be worn to express personal preferences or maintain a specific image.

Extended Wear Contact Lenses

The introduction of extended wear lenses has made life easier for those who choose to use them. Some can be left in for a week, a month, or even three months before needing to be replaced. This is most convenient for people who travel for work, have schedules that are unpredictable, or want the freedom to sleep in their contacts. Wearers can find and buy contact lenses online for extended wear prescriptions and still take advantage of lower pricing.

The Caveat

When changing lenses once a week or once a month, it is easy to forget. Time goes by quickly, people get busy, and leave contacts in longer than directed. Doing that once or twice is not a problem. Leaving them in longer often is dangerous. The enzymes in the lenses begin to break down after the time period for which they were designed.

This leads to irritated eyes, infections, blurred vision, and blindness. It is imperative to get extended wear contact lenses out of the eyes when the wear time has expired. Mark the dates on the calendar, enter dates into the computer, or devise a system that will remind you to change those lenses.

A Second Issue

Some wearers forget to get refills on time. The date arrives to change lenses and another pair is not available. This is understandable, especially if reordering lenses four times a year. One way to avoid this problem is to get Contact Lenses Online from a pharmacy that offers automatic refill service.

Lenses will be shipped out when appropriate and charged to a credit or debit card. The cost may even be taken out of an online account, depending on the payment options offered. Whether customers buy contact lenses in Australia, the US, Canada, or Europe there is an online pharmacy that can help remind people when it is time to put in new lenses.

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